Recently you came across one tiktok rival and swadeshi app called Mitron app right.

All Indians are sharing it over social nedia and telling each other that its our own tiktok version.

But i have shocking facts for you. Mitron app is not Indian App as i think. Its Pakistani app. Dont beleive me, read ahead. There are some reasons to raise in your mind before using Mitron App.

1.First thing is there is no any website of Mitron App.

2.There is no office address of Mitron App.

3.There is no one to claim as owner of Mitron App.

4. There is no reply over mail id given in app store.

And most shocking fact is that Mitron app is not developed app, its readymade app. Its available in market for 35USD. Now, most shocking news for all of us Indian is that the developer of this app is Pakistani. The company behind development of this app is based in Pakistan.

If you guys need to confirm with the company then i can give you the company’s Skype id to connect with them.

It is possible that same company launch app in Indian Market and collection our user data, selling our Indian users data. All things are possible. I confirm this thing that main developer of this script is not Indian and he is Pakistani and i have proof of that. if you need then comment here.

If its Indian company then why they are not giving details ? What’s wrong in sharing developer details or company details ? Why developer is hiding him self ? If some company behind this app then company can create website in one day but why there is no website still ? something is wrong ?

How we all can trust if someone is saying that its Indian app without any details ? Grow up guys, Do research first otherwise you might be supporting your enemies and making them strong.

Now its our time to teach lesson to this developer. Spread this message to all the Indians and tell them to uninstall Mitron immediately and give it 1 start on Play store.

Share this news every where and make aware all of your friends and tell them not to use this app until they give proof that its Indian App.

If you need to support true Indian app then support Indian Messenger. Indian Messenger is truly Indian swadeshi chat messenger and have more features then WhatsApp. Download and see and support Indian Messenger.

Thanks for reading.


  • Indian

    Mitron is completely indian app developed by shivank, ex student of iit

    • ravray

      Its fake news that it is owned by IIT Guy. still no founder confirmed. Also latest news is that mitron app is deleted from Play store and it has pakistan connection. All big Indian news confirm it. So it was true what was i said. Thanks

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