Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The respect we have for your privacy is like a code in our DNA. Since we started Indian Messenger, we have built our Services based on solid security principles.

Indian Messenger offers messaging services, Internet connections among others for users worldwide. Our Privacy Policy is what we use to explain our practices during the processing of data (including messages). For example, we show you what data is collected about you and how it affects you. We also explain the steps taken to protect your privacy, for example, how the Indian Messenger has been compiled so as not to store the messages delivered and the control given to you to decide with whom you communicate with our Services.

This Privacy Policy will apply to all of our applications, services, features, software and website (collectively, “Services”) if there is no provision to the contrary.

Data we collect

Indian Messenger receives or collects data whenever we operate and render our Services, including when they are installed, accessed or used by you.

Data provided by you

  • Your account details.  We receive your mobile number when a Indian Messenger account is created by you. We receive phone numbers from your contact calendar regularly, both from users of our Services and from other contacts. You confirm that you are authorized to provide such numbers. Other data can be provided for your account, such as profile name, profile photo, and status message.
  • Your messages.  We store your messages during the provision of the Services. Once your messages (including conversations, photos, videos, voice messages and sharing of location information) are delivered, they are stored on our servers in an encrypted and humanly unreadable format.
  • Your contacts.  To help you organize your communications, we can create a favorite list of your contacts. In addition, you can create, join, or be added to groups and streaming lists, and those groups and lists become associated with your account data.
  • Customer support.  You may provide us with data related to your use of our Services, including copies of your messages and how we may contact you in case of customer support. For example, we may receive an email from you with information regarding the performance of our application or other issues.

Automatically collected data

  • Data on devices and connections.  We collect specific device data when our Services are installed, accessed, or used by you. This includes data such as hardware model, operating system data, browser data, IP address, data over the mobile network, including phone number, and device identifiers. We collect device location data if you use location features, such as when you decide to share your location with your contacts, check locations near you, or places that have been shared with you, and also to diagnose and troubleshoot , For example, if there are problems with the location sharing feature of our application.

Third party data

  • Data disclosed by third parties about you.  We have received data released by others, which may include data about you. For example, when other users you know use our Services, they can provide your phone number that is in their address book (just as their numbers may come from your contacts); They can also send you a message, send messages to groups that you participate in, or can call you.
  • Outsourced service providers.  We work with outsourced service providers to help us operate, perform, enhance, understand, personalize, support and advertise our Services. For example, we work with other companies to distribute our applications, form our infrastructure, delivery or other systems, provide map and location information,  help us understand how people use our Services, and advertise our Services. These service providers may provide us with your information under certain circumstances, for example, app stores may send us reports to help us diagnose and fix service issues.
  • Third party services.  We allow the use of our Services in conjunction with third party services. If our Services are used with third-party services, we may receive data from you provided by them, for example, by using the Indian Messenger Share button on a news service to share a report with your Indian Messenger contacts and groups or broadcast lists Of our Services, or by choosing to access our Services through the promotion made by the mobile carrier or the device provider. Please note that when using third-party services, the applicable privacy terms and policies will be those designed for such services.

How we use the data

We use all data in our possession to help us operate, perform, enhance, understand, personalize, support and advertise our Services.

  • Our services.  We operate and provide our Services, including customer support, enhancement, correction and customization of the Services. We understand how people use our Services, analyze and use such data to evaluate and improve our Services, to research, develop and test new services and features as well as to solve problems. We also use the data to reply you when you contact us.
  • Protection and Security.  We verify the accounts and activities and promote security within and outside our Services, whether by investigating suspicious activity and violations of our Terms or by ensuring that our Services are used lawfully.
  • We do not want you to have a spam experience because as with all your messages you can choose how to manage this communication and we will honor your choice.

Data that you and we share

Your data is shared as you use and communicate using our Services and we share your data to help us operate, enhance, understand, personalize, support and promote our Services.

  • Account data.  Your phone number, your profile name and photo, your online status and status message, last seen status, and delivery notifications may be available to anyone using our Services; However, you can configure the Services to define whether some data should be available to other users.
  • Your contacts and others.  Users with whom you communicate can store or share your data (including your phone number or messages) with others inside and outside our Services. You can use the configuration and blocking feature in our Services to manage the users of our Services with whom you communicate and how you share certain data.
  • Outsourced service providers.  We work with outsourced service providers to help us operate, perform, enhance, understand, personalize, support and advertise our Services. When we share data with outsourced service providers, we require them to use your data in accordance with our instructions and terms or with your express consent.
  • Third party services.  When you use third-party services that are integrated with our Services, they may receive data about your shares.For example, by using a data backup service built into our Services (such as iCloud or Google Drive), they will receive information about what is shared by you. By interacting with a third party service connected with our Services, you may end up supplying data directly to them. Please note that when using third-party services, the applicable privacy terms and policies will be those designed for such services.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.


Phone: (91) 9712253523

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