Indian Messenger new version out with Complete Re-design

26 Feb 2018
by ravray

Hello All the readers,

Good news is that Indian Messenger is now complete redesigned and now its available to google play store.

we re-design almost whole app and now release it world wide.

Enjoy New Design and give us your feedback. Thanks

You Can Download From Here

Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-45-34 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-45-47 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-45-56 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-46-04 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-46-15 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-46-31

Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-45-20 Screenshot_2018-02-26-12-45-34


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