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31 May 2018
by ravray

Fake New- Baba Ramdev owned Patanjali Launches Kimbho Chat Messenger App

Hey Dear Reader , i want to clear one thing that recently i came across to a news that Baba Ramdev ji owned Patanjali launched new swadeshi chat app call Kimbho to compete WhatsApp.

This is complete fake news and i think some hackers spread this news and try to steal your data, so its my request to do not download this app otherwise your data may be landed you in danger.

There are lots of proof that lead to believe us that kimbho app is not secure. On another story is that kimbho app is just a copy of bolo messenger and user found otp code received from bolo messenger.

 — The developer name on google play store and app store are different.

— They use company name as Patanjali Communication not. a Patanjali Communications.

— They Use pic of Pakistani actress to show the usage of app and they copies this screenshot from the bolo messenger app

— They copied each screenshot and every word of bolo messenger app.

— If you kindly observe the screenshot they you can easily found that carrier network of that device is AT&T which is not indian carrier.

— App on Google play store is removed now after some hours of launch

— Website is also down

so its my request to not believe this hoax and don’t spread this news.

If you want to use swadeshi chat messenger app then use our app. Its completely indian app and you can see the description of app and read review over google play store. Here at indian messenger we tried hard to create awareness about our app such idiot hackers comes suddenly and get thousands of downloads.

one more important thing for this paid media is that how you spread this fake news without any official announcement ?  where did you get official statement that this is the official Patanjali app?

Its my request to media to not spread such fake news.

Thanks and don’t forgot to download Indian Messenger.

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